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Q & A

I gazed up at my Master as he read. His free hand caressed the side of my face as his eyes flicked over the words in the book. I closed my eyes and smiled, savoring the sweetness of the moment. When I opened them again I saw that he was more »

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Exotic Flair

Angie sighed as softly as she could, she took one look around the room and knew that not one of the men were paying any attention to her progress report. A single glance at the intern sitting near the head of the table, studiously taking notes, provided the reason for more »

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Breathless is an excerpt poem from a work in progress story titled “One Show More”. It is a poem that is read by the primary male character. Breathless With darkened eyes you cannot seek, With silenced mouth you cannot speak, With tethered limbs you cannot sneak, Control thus given, you more »

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