A little slice of Heaven

He reached out His hand, my Master, my Love. I rested my face in His open palm and closed my eyes in bliss. Just being near Him made me happy. After a long moment He slid His fingers under my chin and brought my face up so that He could gaze into my eyes.

“Open your mouth girl,” He ordered softly.

I had no more started to comply when I felt the smooth surface of a gag sliding between my lips. My mouth was stretched as the ball came to rest between my teeth. Master secured the gag and smiled at me.


I silently rose to my feet and followed Him into the bedroom. He paused just inside the door and gestured at the bed. I padded softly over and knelt on the mattress, awaiting His next command.

“Close your eyes.”

I shivered slightly, His voice was so soft it was barely louder than a whisper. I knew that whatever He had planned was going to be intense, His voice always got softer the more He planned to make me scream.

I felt the brush of fabric against my flesh as He drew the silk blindfold across my breasts and chest before securing it over my eyes. The soft touch caused goosebumps to raise on my skin. I Heard a soft chuckle from Him as He noticed.

“On your back,” He whispered into my ear. The feel of His hot breath against the sensitive skin of my ear and neck cause me to sigh slightly, a noise that was rewarded with a pinch of my right nipple. The pinch got even firmer as I moaned.

His hand moved, and I felt pressure as He pushed me back onto The bed.

As soon as I was on my back I felt Him pulling at my legs. A length of fabric was secured around my right ankle, and then another around my left. Legs secured, He roughly pulled my arms above my Head and secured both wrists with a third length of fabric.

His hand pressed against my throat. As my body was deprived of oxygen i struggled involuntarily, The bindings held firm. He removed His hand from my throat and I inhaled deeply, wishing for just a few seconds that I was not gagged.

I felt His breath on my ear again. “By the time I’m done with you, you’re going to want to beg, and plead. The only thing you’ll be able to think of is how badly you need to feel me. Then, when your need is at the peak I’m going to leave. You’ll be here, unable to give yourself release, unable to follow, unable to call out and beg. I’m going to leave you at that point where no contact at all is more torturous than anything else.”

I shivered at His barely audible words.

His breath teased the flesh on my neck. I could not contain a lusty moan as He then bit the skin right below my ear. “I love that sound,” He purred.

He nibbled and licked at my sensitive flesh, leaving trails of heat from my neck and across my chest. Every touch caused me to writhe.

I couldn’t contain a deep throated moan as His tongue found my already sensitive right nipple. He traced around the delicate nub before sucking it into His mouth. He held it between His teeth and flicked it with His tongue. With each taste and tease heat flared between my legs.

My nipple had become rock hard under His careful attention. He released it, pulling it lightly with His teeth as He did so. I then felt the pinch of a clamp as it tightened on the nub. My hips rose slightly as my body responded to the pained ecstasy the pressure caused.

He chuckled softly. “You think you want me now? Just wait girl, I’m only getting started.”

His tongue lapped at the flesh on the underside of my breast, causing me to shudder. He knew exactly how sensitive I was there. He then moved to tease my left nipple until I felt tears in my eyes from need. He clamped the left nub and then pulled on both clamps, making me throw back my head in a muted moan.

Hot kisses formed a trail down my stomach, and He had to hold my hips down as He teased me by kissing my mound. I whimpered as His tongue moved to lick down The inside of my thigh instead of slipping into my folds.

“You want me don’t you?” He whispered between licks to my leg.

I nodded and made the best noise of assent that I was capable of.

He laughed. “You only THINK you want me. You don’t know REAL want yet.”

His mouth resumed its exploration of my skin, making me whimper and moan as He teased sensitive areas but didn’t linger. When He reached my ankle He switched to The other leg and the torture continued as He made His way back up.

An agonizing pause as I awaited His next move.

Fingers spread my lips and I felt His breath across my clit. I shivered and moaned my need, Then His tongue was there. He lapped at the bud, then drew it into His mouth. He alternated nibbling and sucking, driving me wild.

One hand held my hips, and then I felt the other as it slid between my ass cheeks and a finger pressed into the tight opening. I shuddered and moaned loudly, my body trying to buck against Him.

“Oh no you don’t,” He said with a hint of mirth in His voice.

I felt a plug slide into my ass, and His lips sucked furiously at my clit. I would have been screaming with pleasure if not muted by the gag.

Then it stopped. I breathed heavy and then felt a third clamp on my clit. He tightened it just enough to drive me crazy with need but not be excessively painful, Then I felt Him move off of the bed.

My body throbbed with need. I could feel the clamps, and the plug in my ass was large enough to tease me. My pussy ached for His touch.

“You should see yourself,” He purred as He leaned over to whisper in my ear. “Your skin is glistening, and the clamps draw the eye to all of your… assets. But I bet you’ll be even more beautiful when I return. I can imagine it now, mascara running out from under the blindfold as you cry with need, sweat beading on your skin from the tension, your nipples and lips swollen with unquenchable thirst. Oh yes, when I return I expect that you will be all but insatiable.”

I then felt something slipped over my head and realized that He planned to leave me deprived of all my senses. I couldn’t hear Him leave, and felt more than heard the bed vibrate when He closed the door.

I tried counting, my lame attempt at keeping track of how long He was gone. Quickly, however, I realized the futility of it as I was repeatedly distracted by the throbbing of my nipples and clit against the clamps.

I strained to hear something, anything, that indicated that He was returning, but soon knew that He had chosen wisely. I was left there with only my need.

My heart beat, my nipples and clit throbbed against their clamps, heat flared.

I could feel my pussy with every throb, moist and needy.

Beat, throb, heat.

Beat, throb, heat.

Beat, throb, heat.

I wanted Him. I NEEDED Him to thrust Himself into my swollen cunt and ease the tensions.

Beat, throb, heat.

I writhed on the bed, trying to find a way to ease the tension that had built in my body. Instead the movements only caused the plug in my ass to wiggle, which made the heat flare even more. I could not contain a cry of need.

I forced my body to still again, but with each heartbeat I was tortured.

Beat, throb, heat.

Tears sprang to my eyes. I could feel the hot liquid running down my cheeks, and I imagined that the mascara was running down my face just as He had predicted.

Beat, throb, heat.

A breeze came through the window, and touched my skin. I shivered with the sudden chill and realized that I was likely drenched in sweat. The movement caused a fresh burst of agony as everything throbbed with fresh vigor.

I sobbed. My need was too great. Every part of me wanted Him, needed Him. The only think I could think about was how close to the edge of oblivion He had brought me and then left me hanging.

I screamed in ecstasy as I felt the tendrils of His silk whip slap across my tortured nipples. I hadn’t heard Him coming, and it was just the way He wanted it.

The next lash was softer, but against my engorged clit. I screamed and sobbed with need.

Lash, throb, heat.

Lash, throb, heat.

Again and again the silk touched my bare skin. Every inch of me was on fire as I sobbed.

He removed the headphones that had kept me from hearing anything.

“You are stunning, just like I imagined. The redness of the lines made by the silk is accentuated by your sweat, and your helplessness is highlighted by the mascara running down your face. If you don’t come immediately when I slide my cock into you I don’t think it will take long, and as desperate as you are I doubt that your orgasm will end quickly. No, I expect to be able to fuck you good and keep you screaming until I am done with you.”

I felt his hands behind my head. The gag was loosened.

“Beg for me.”

My voice was halting, I was still sobbing as I whispered. “Please Master. This girl needs the release that only you can grant. Please Sir. I need to feel your cock within my swollen cunt. Please, I need it.”

The gag was stuffed back into my mouth and tightened again.

I felt Him as He moved along the mattress. Every second was agony as each heartbeat caused my entire body to throb.

He grabbed the clamps on my nipples and twisted harshly as He thrust His full length into my aching pussy. I screamed as I felt Him, bucking immediately against Him as much as the bindings would let me.

He pressed in deep and kept Himself there. I shuddered, and then when He started moving again I felt the first waves of my orgasm crash over me.

“That’s it girl,” He whispered as He moved agonizingly slow. “I want you to come, and come, and come. I want to hear you scream with every thrust, and I want to watch you sobbing with the release of it all when I cum in your cunt.”

My body shook with each thrust. He moved carefully and every time my orgasm would start to wane He would bring it roaring back to full force.

I screamed, and screamed, and screamed. All I knew was pleasure. Every part of me was His, just as He had planned it.

After an eternity of ecstasy I felt His movements become forceful, needy. His quick and deep thrusts rocketed my own pleasure to new heights. I screamed with renewed vigor as my entire body convulsed. I felt the throbbing of His cock deep within and heard His own moans as pulse after pulse of hot cum shot into me.

I felt another shudder from Him as He pressed deep one last time. The movement caused one last scream to escape my already raw throat. He then slid from my folds, leaving a pained emptiness.

Every part of me throbbed as He released the bindings, removed the gag and blindfold. He laid down on the bed and pulled me against Him. I was still sobbing from the intensity of it all as He wrapped me in His arms and kissed the top of my head.

“You performed beautifully,” He whispered softly.

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