Roommates’ Alpha Available! Plus Oct. Group Promotions

Happy Fall, and Happy Release Day for Roommates’ Alpha!

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost October. Soon the leaves will be turning and there will be a chill bite in the air. It makes you want to curl up with something warm and cozy.

Or someONE warm and cozy. 😉

And that’s who Owen is—a big ol’ softy who’s perfect for cuddles.

Almost immediately after Executives’ Omega was released, I started seeing the same question: Will Owen get his HEA?

It’s really touching when readers connect with a character, and to have so many excited for Owen’s book means a lot. Now I just hope that you like his mates as much as I do. I think each draws out his nurturing nature in his own way and allows Owen to be himself.

Who’s next?

There will be one more book in the Gimme MMMMMore series, but I think five books of quintuples is appropriate. Who will finish out the series? You’ll have an idea by the end of Owen’s book.

Ready to dive in? Click the link: Roommates’ Alpha.

What else is coming up?

If you’re enjoying listening to the Gimme MMMMMore series then be on the lookout for Executives’ Omega coming to Audible soon.

October Group Promotions!