Breathless is an excerpt poem from a work in progress story titled “One Show More”. It is a poem that is read by the primary male character.


With darkened eyes you cannot seek,
With silenced mouth you cannot speak,
With tethered limbs you cannot sneak,
Control thus given, you are not meek.

Crack of leather on tender skin,
Silence ends and welts begin,
Deep red lines of hot red pain,
Raging lust we both do gain.

Chastisement done I long to see,
within your eyes the desperate heat.
Darkness lifted I see your need,
through the silence I hear you plead.

Your glistening sex I do behold,
I slip between your velvet folds,
More precious than the finest gold,
Your devotion is what I hold.

A muffled an impassioned cry,
Your body works to pump me dry,
And I really must admit that I,