Chasing Amber – Now available.

Chasing Amber
Chasing Amber

My first e-book short is now available for your Kindle. Chasing Amber is the first story in the Shaping Amber series. Follow Amber from the beginning as her new suitor teaches her about life and about the inner strength she has carried all along.

In this first installment Amber is sitting soaked in a restaurant when the client she is supposed to meet doesn’t show. That’s when the bold Jonathan enters her life.

Hours later Amber finds herself in Jonathan’s room, bound and gagged as the man teaches her that submission is not to be wasted. That submitting to others does not mean she should have no ambitions or say in what happens to her.

Pick up Chasing Amber for FREE on Saturday July 28th. Then once you’ve read it please leave me a review on Amazon or on Goodreads.

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