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Angie sighed as softly as she could, she took one look around the room and knew that not one of the men were paying any attention to her progress report. A single glance at the intern sitting near the head of the table, studiously taking notes, provided the reason for their inattention.

Kim was young, only twenty-one, and stunning. Dark tan skin, deep chocolate colored eyes and sleek, almost black, hair, accented a frame that no man seemed to be able to tear his gaze from. Angie stole another glance since none of the men were listening anyway. Kim’s breasts were small but perky, pressing against the ruby colored sweater she wore, while her perfectly rounded ass filled out the charcoal skirt. Her shapely legs led to classic red stilettos. Overall her appearance was more suited to island goddess than business intern.

Angie looked around again, and knew that the only way she’d be able to get the men to pay attention long enough to present her data was to get Kim out of the conference room.


The intern looked up and met Angie’s gaze. “Yes Miss Dawson?”

“I’ve got some reports that need filed. You should find them on the left side of my desk. If you could go ahead and get started on them I’ll check your progress once we’re done here.

Kim nodded and stood. “Yes, Miss Dawson.”

Angie watched as every head at the table turned to watch Kim leave. Since nobody was looking at her anyway, Angie took a second to appreciate Kim’s ass as well. As she watched the intern walk out of sight she felt a flare of heat between her legs.

With Kim out of the room Angie felt like she was at able to capture a bit of the attention from the team. She continued her presentation and hoped that the men had caught just enough of her presentation prior to the intern leaving to be able to connect the pieces.

As competent as Kim was at her job, Angie had felt as if there had been more qualified applicants. However the hiring had been a team decision, and Angie knew that she had been outvoted as soon as Kim left the interview. The other two members of the interview committee both worked on the floor, one being Angie’s supervisor and the other on the research team.

Bringing in a female intern had originally been Angie’s idea. Working in a male dominated industry, she was the only female on the team. She had clawed her way to a leadership position, and managed to convince upper management that bringing more females into the fold would make the company appear better to potential investors and provide them with valuable diversity in ideas.

Angie had done most of the footwork, seeking out a program that placed female interns into high tech positions. When she presented her research and finally got the approval for a female intern she felt as if she had won a battle. Then Kim was hired.

As she finished her presentation, Angie felt the wave of heat between her legs again. She felt her lace panties start to dampen slightly, and hurried back to her office.

Kim was only half of Angie’s problem. The other half was that she couldn’t remember the last time that she had been on the receiving end of a decent fuck. In her scramble to prove herself in a male dominated field she had foregone dating, and one by one her girlfriends had stopped setting her up with blind dates. At the time she had hated the setups, but as they dwindled she found her sex life suffered. She threw herself even more into her job to try and overcome the lack of personal relationships. But the dry spell had taken its toll, and Angie now was willing to fuck almost anybody with a pulse, the stunning Kim included.

Angie forced herself to focus on her work. She had no prospects on the horizon, so she would just have to get through the day and then she’d settle for the hard touch of her vibrator. She crossed her legs under her desk and tried to force her mind off of her aching pussy.

Angie had almost pushed her need out of the fore of her mind when there was a knock on the office door. She looked up and saw Kim standing there, holding a stack of folders.

“Can I talk to you, Miss Dawson?”

Angie felt the surge of heat and crossed her legs again under her desk. She nodded and motioned toward a chair.

Kim shut the door behind her, and made her way to the chair. Angie raised an eyebrow slightly at the closed door but said nothing.

“Have I done something wrong?” Kim asked bluntly as soon as she had sat down.

“Excuse me?” Angie replied, slightly astonished.

Kim looked at Angie with her deep chocolate eyes, and Angie realized for the first time how intense the girl’s stare was. Angie felt another wave of heat in her crotch.

“What’s wrong Kim?” Angie finally managed to get out.

“It’s just lately it seems as if you’re trying to keep me busy with… well… busy work. Like when you asked me to leave the meeting today.”

Angie leaned forward on the desk, her short blond hair hanging over her face slightly as she pinched the bridge of her nose.

“Kim,” Angie started, raising her head again, “The work you do is fine.”

“Then why does it seem as if all I get are the menial tasks instead of helping the team with the project?”

Angie sighed, trying to decide what to tell her intern.

“Am I too much a distraction?” Kim asked suddenly, a tone of seductive innocence suddenly present in her voice.

Angie started at the question and tone, then met Kim’s intense stare again. Though Kim was almost ten years her junior she felt the intense eyes burning into her. She felt a blush rise into her cheeks, and her juices soaked her panties.

Kim smiled, and managed to keep her voice innocent sounding while dropping it to a sultry tone that made Angie’s heart beat. “I see all the looks the guys give me,” she purred. “They try to hide it, but I’m used to the signs. What was a surprise though, was the first time I saw that same look of lust from you.”

Angie stammered and tried to say that Kim was mistaken, but the blood rising in her cheeks painted her with the flush of guilt.

Kim stood, took a couple of paces and then leaned over Angie’s desk. She put a single finger to Angie’s lips and shushed the person who was her supervisor.

Angie was speechless, and while she was still trying to decide how to both defend against Kim’s statements and assert her position as supervisor she failed to notice that Kim had slipped the ruby-red sweater over her head. By the time Angie recovered her senses the stunning Kim was moving slowly around the desk, her hardened nipples peeking out over the edge of a shelf bra.

Angie was too stunned to react, and her desire overwhelmed her judgment. She stared at the nipples, and then let her eyes trace over Kim’s luscious body.

Kim finally made her way to where Angie was sitting. The girl slowly pushed Angie’s chair back from the desk slightly and then perched herself on the edge, her legs dangling between Angie’s. Kim reached down, her immaculate breasts only inches from Angie’s face and took one Angie’s right hand.

Kim curled her fingers around Angie’s hand until until only Angie’s index finger was free. She then brought Angie’s hand to her mouth and sucked seductively on the finger. Angie felt a wave of desire at the action, and she moaned softly.

Kim smiled, and then uncurled each of the other fingers in turn and gave them the same treatment. Currents of lust flowed through Angie.

Kim smiled as she removed Angie’s pinky from between her firm lips and then moved Angie’s down to cup one of her perfect breasts. Angie felt Kim’s hard nipple pressing against her palm.

“Squeeze, you know you want to,” Kim whispered in Angie’s ear.

Angie moaned slightly as she squeezed the breast of her intern. The pressure made Kim smile, and when Angie repositioned her hand to squeeze the nipple between two fingers it caused Kim to moan as well.

Angie licked her lips. She could see that Kim had closed her eyes while holding Angie’s right hand to her breast. Angie looked forward again and decided that she had to taste the other nipple that was in tantalizing range of her mouth. She leaned forward and sucked the delicate nub between her lips. Kim moaned again at the touch and plunged her free hand into Angie’s hair to keep the pressure on her breast.

Angie’s first taste of the stunning intern lit a fire in her pussy that she had never known before. The girl’s skin tasted as good as it looked, with hints of vanilla and the tropics. She sucked the nipple hungrily, wanting to taste more. Her tongue swirled around the nub, and she delighted in hearing Kim’s squeals of delight when she gently held the nipple between her teeth and flicked it with the tip of her tongue.

Angie was just about to move onto Kim’s other breast when Kim stood up slightly and pushed Angie’s chair back farther from the desk. Kim leaned forward and pressed her lips firmly to Angie’s, while her hands moved to play with Angie’s nipples through the fabric of her shirt.

Angie moaned, and returned Kim’s kiss with fervor. She moved her hands around the younger woman’s waist and pulled her close. Kim straddled Angie’s lap, and slowly ground herself Angie’s hips.

Kim pulled back from the kisses, and started slowly unbuttoning Angie’s blouse. As Angie’s skin was revealed Kim leaned in to place hot kisses along Angie’s neck, shoulders and down her chest. Angie shifted slightly and slid along the chair slightly to give Kim more access.

“I knew with just a little bit of persuasion you would open up to me,” Kim breathed in Angie’s ear as she ran her fingertips up under Angie’s skirt and along her inner thigh.

Angie smiled at her intern, and then had to force herself from crying out loudly as she felt long fingers slip inside the hem of her panties and push deep into her dripping cunt. Kim returned the smile as she gently finger fucked Angie.

After a few moments of bliss Angie felt as if she were on the verge of the most powerful orgasm of her life, then as suddenly as they had been pushed in Kim’s fingers slid out from the furnace between Angie’s legs. Angie whimpered slightly.

Kim smiled and perched herself on the edge of the desk again. Angie could only watch with intense lust as Kim raised her middle finger, one of the ones covered in Angie’s juices, to her lips and sucked the moisture from it. Angie licked her lips instinctively.

“You want a taste?” Kim purred.

Angie nodded, and Kim pressed her index finger first against Angie’s lips, and then into Angie’s waiting mouth. Angie lapped her own juices from the perfect fingers and whimpered for more.

Kim stood from the desk, and Angie watched as Kim’s beautifully rounded ass was released from the skirt. As the young woman turned around Angie couldn’t help but notice that Kim was wearing no underwear. Kim turned her ass back to Angie, and deftly reached up behind her back to unclasp her bra. When she turned around again the only thing that remained was the red stilettos.

Kim swayed back over to where Angie was still frozen to her chair. She leaned over, and whispered huskily in Angie’s ear, “Do you want to taste more?”

Angie nodded.

Kim stood slightly, and gently placed a hand under Angie’s chin. She raised Angie’s face so that their eyes met. “I didn’t hear you. Do you want more?”

“Ye… yes.” Angie muttered, the first word she had managed to say since her seduction had started.

“Good,” Kim replied, a commanding yet sexy tone to her voice. “Why don’t you get on your knees and taste what you really want.”

Angie slid off the chair without a word and found herself looking at Kim’s shaved mound. She could smell Kim’s sex from the nearness and her desire to taste it overwhelmed her.

Kim reached down and lifted Angie’s face again as she placed one high heeled foot on Angie’s chair. “Go ahead, give in to temptation.”

Angie nodded as if in a trance and reached out, shaking slightly to part the lips of the beauty in front of her. As soon as her fingers pressed between the folds of flesh to part them she felt Kim’s hand in her hair, gently guiding Angie’s head to where she wanted it.

Angie’s tongue reached out and ran the length of Kim’s slit. Angie felt a fresh surge of her own desire when she heard Kim’s soft moan. As her tongue reached Kim’s clit she allowed her tongue to guide her mouth onto the delicate nub and she sucked it greedily into her mouth. She felt Kim’s fingers wind tightly into her hair and she sucked harder.

Angie wrapped her arms around Kim’s thighs and moved closer, trying to lap up as much of Kim’s juices as she could. The flavor was intoxicating and Angie knew that she would never be able to get enough of it. As she felt slight shudders of pleasure in Kim’s thighs she wanted to taste the sweetness of the young woman’s climax. She released her mouth from Kim’s clit and moved to stab her tongue as deep as she could into Kim’s dripping cunt.

With every thrust of her tongue Angie could feel Kim’s climax building, and the young woman held Angie’s head firm between her legs, grinding against Angie’s face. Angie could feel the juices against her skin and felt deliciously dirty.

Kim’s breath was coming in ragged gasps, and then a moan escaped her mouth. Her hips thrust wildly against Angie’s face as her spasming pussy clenched at the tongue. Angie kept her face buried between Kim’s legs, licking every drop that she could reach and savoring the flavor of her intern’s juices. For several minutes she continued to sample as much of the flavor as she could. Finally, as Kim’s spasms of pleasure subsided she felt a harsh tug on her hair and Kim pulled Angie’s face from between her legs.

Kim leaned over slightly and smiled as she caught the glint of her own juices covering Angie’s face. She reached out and licked Angie’s left cheek, a devilish grin on her face. She then leaned in close again and kissed Angie passionately. “Was it everything you thought it would be?” she purred in Angie’s ear.

Angie nodded and barely managed to whisper a reply. “And more.”

“We’re not done yet,” Kim stated. The young woman then reached down and slid Angie’s open blouse from her shoulders, as the blouse floated to the floor Angie could feel Kim’s fingers unhooking her bra.

Once Angie’s top half was fully exposed Kim stood again and gazed down at the half-naked woman kneeling at her feet. As Angie looked up she saw a smile cross Kim’s face, and suddenly everything about the situation felt right, as if it was meant to be that way. Angie returned the smile, and Kim nodded approvingly.

“Stand up,” Kim ordered. “It’s time that we get that damn skirt and panties out of my way.”

Angie stood as directed and with a burning need between her legs she felt as if she could not get out of the restrictive clothing fast enough. As she stood before Kim she felt as if he were being examined slightly, but the feeling immediately passed when Kim’s hand brushed Angie’s breast and her exquisite fingers twisted one of Angie’s nipples in deliciously pleasurable pain.

Kim moved in and pressed against Angie’s body with her own. Angie had to step back as Kim’s pressure increased and soon the younger woman had pressed Angie back into the chair.

Kim smiled and bent at the waist to place her lips right in front of Angie’s breasts. Angie sucked in her breath sharply as she felt Kim’s teeth graze one of her erect nipples, she then released the breath in a shuddering moan as Kim’s tongue flicked the delicate bud.

Kim smiled up at Angie, the nipple still between her teeth, and then released the nub and kissed down Angie’s stomach. When Kim reached the heat between Angie’s legs she kissed Angie’s mound, smiled up into Angie’s eyes and then started kissing back up toward the other nipple.

Angie shuddered again with need. “Please,” she begged quietly.

Kim’s trail of kisses stopped. “Please what?” she teased, licking her lips in a way that made Angie’s juices flow faster.

“Please let me come,” Angie managed, her breath raspy with need.

Kim moved slightly and pressed her lips firmly to Angie’s, while she allowed one finger to trace down Angie’s stomach, into the folds of flesh and after a delicious moment of anticipation into Angie’s heat once more. Angie gasped and Kim moved her mouth next to Angie’s ear. “Good girl,” Kim purred.

Angie moaned and slid forward on the chair slightly to grind against Kim’s hand. Kim slid another finger into Angie’s sopping hole and pressed firmly, finding a spot within Angie that almost caused her to cry out loudly. Kim giggled slightly as she increased the pressure on the spot and held her fingers against it, causing Angie to squirm in pleasure.

Kim’s hot kisses once again trailed down Angie’s middle, and her perfect lips found their way to Angie’s clit. She sucked hard and fucked Angie harder with her fingers.

Angie shuddered with delight as Kim worked her fingers in her hole and her mouth on her clit. “Fuck me harder,” she begged.

Kim responded by slipping a third finger inside Angie and biting down on the already engorged clit.

Angie felt the pleasure start to overwhelm her as she started shaking and ground greedily against Kim. “Oh god… I’m coming,” she managed to say between gasping breaths.

Kim responded by sucking hard on Angie’s clit and vigorously stimulating the spot that made Angie want to scream. Angie’s body shook with the intensity of her orgasm as Kim worked on her to draw it out as long as possible.

After what felt like an eternity of pure bliss, Angie’s orgasm finally subsided. She leaned back in her chair slightly, panting as she tried to catch her breath. She felt Kim’s fingers slip from inside her, and moaned again as Kim moved to kiss her. As the kiss ended she licked her lips, and could taste her own juices upon them. She watched with a slight smile on her face as Kim leaned against the desk and licked Angie’s juices from her fingers.

After a couple moments of silence Kim walked over to where her clothes were puddled on the floor, and pulled her skirt, bra and sweater back on. As she smoothed the fabric over her perfect curves Angie wondered if the entire incident had been a dream, Kim looked as perfectly put together as she had when she walked into the office.

Kim then walked over to Angie’s clothes and without a word encouraged Angie to get dressed as well. The only thing that she did not hand back was Angie’s panties, instead she slipped them into an empty folder and buried it between several other folders.

Angie smoothed her own clothes and hoped that she looked half as put together as Kim.

Kim returned to the desk and took a pen and pad of paper. She scribbled something on the paper, tore it off and handed the slip to Angie. Angie glanced at the paper and noted that it was an address.

“My place at seven,” Kim stated.

Angie smiled, and nodded. “Yes Ma’am.” She decided that it felt good to relinquish control, just a little bit.

Kim returned the smile, stood, walked over and kissed Angie passionately. As their lips touched Angie felt Kim’s fingers once again slide under her skirt and she gasped as the fingers slid into her still slick hole. Kim moved them slightly for just a moment, then retrieved them and stuck the fingers in her mouth.

“One for the road,” she said with a mischievous smile. She then bounded with the exuberance of youth to the door of the office, picking up her stack of files along the way.

As Kim threw open the door she almost ran into Angie’s supervisor, John. John cast the curvy intern a glance as she bounced away and then entered Angie’s office.

“What was that about?” he asked, raising one eyebrow. “She was in here a while, and with quite the stack of paperwork.”

Angie smiled slightly. “She was worried that her work wasn’t good enough. She wanted to go over some samples and see where her work needs improvement.”

“And?” John asked.

Angie’s smile grew slightly. “She’s exceeding expectations.”

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