Good Morning

Sunlight streams through the lace covered windows as He pulls the heavy shades aside. I attempt to turn slightly to let the sunlight fall across my breasts only to find that Master has shackled me to the bed during my slumber. Hearing the creak of the bed springs my Beloved turns to me and gives me a mischievous grin.

Without a word He walks over to the bed and drags a single finger up the inside of my thigh, making me shudder with the defenselessness of my position. My body craves Him even as I am forced to wonder what delights He has in store.

I open my mouth to speak, and quickly close it again. A single glace from Him tells me that I am to remain silent. I close my eyes and lay back on the bed, awaiting His actions.

I gasp as a single drop of wax falls onto one of my already erect nipples. Two more drops and my body writhes involuntarily.

“Be still,” He commands.

I somehow force my body to remain motionless as He continues to drizzle the red liquid until both nipples have been covered.

He smiles, seemingly pleased with his handiwork. I watch as He sets down the candle, and returns with a length of lace the same blood red as the wax cooling on my breasts. He grins again as he pulls the lace tightly across my eyes, blinding me to his whims.

A feather is drawn up the inside of my leg, and lingers on my mound. I shudder with need at the delicate feel of it upon my skin. Then there is nothing. I turn my head from side to side in vain, trying to hear where my Master has gone to. But as always, when I am blindfolded, He is silent.

A single strip of leather is laid upon my skin. The action is so unexpected that for a minute my body does not react before I feel the tingle of the sting. Another lash, and I cannot contain a moan of half mixed pleasure and pain.

I do not count the lashes, instead I allow Him to guide my desire through their use. Each touch of leather against skin only fuels my need.

Silence resumes as the lashings stop.

Pressure on the bed. I can feel Him moving. I feel His hand on my throat, making me gasp for air. As soon as I open my mouth I feel the length of his cock shoved deep into my throat. I cannot contain a moan of ecstasy at the action, and the feel of it only causes Him to fuck my throat with more fervor.

My tongue flicks over the tender skin and veins, working to excite Him. He merely grunts his appreciation and he continues to thrust into my mouth mercilessly.

I can feel His movements become erratic. I work my tongue faster, wanting to taste His cum. My Master, however, has another plan, and I whimper as He pulls Himself free of my mouth.

Once more the room becomes silent, and then I feel His hand at my ass. The slickness of his fingers and the slight chill remaining on them is the only warning I have before I feel the length of a plug being pushed into the rosebud opening.

I hear the shutter of a camera, and I know that He is pleased with what he sees. I know that the photos will be added to His collection, and that many a night He will look at them lovingly as He fucks my mouth.

The camera is set on the dresser. I know there are still a few photos to be taken.

I feel the pressure on the bed again, and almost scream with pleasure as He plunges deep into me. I feel his balls resting against my skin I feel Him holding himself there for just a moment. Then He starts thrusting forcefully.

My body is shuddering with every movement, begging for release. My moans and sobs of pleasure mingle with his grunts of passion, but even as close as he had been before, he has the self control to bring me to tears with my need.

After what feels like an eternity of tormented ecstasy I feel His movements become erratic. I then feel the first pulse from Him as His cum starts to flood my pussy.

“Come now,” He growls.

I scream my release as it is finally granted, which only makes His deep throated growl of pleasure become stronger. I feel pulse after pulse from Him as my body continues to contract around Him.

Suddenly He is free of my pussy and I feel the sticky warmth of His cum as it splashes across my chest and midsection. I feel His juices mingling with mine, slowly dripping from my cunt to the plug still in my ass.

I shudder as the remnants of my orgasm continue to course through me. Through my continued pleasure I hear the shutter of the camera again.

“You’ll clean me soon,” He says once the camera noises end. “I’ve got some new photos I want to share with you.”

I smiled as I hear Him walk from the room. I’ve not even been allowed from bed yet and it has already been a good morning and a great start to a promising day.

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