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I gazed up at my Master as he read. His free hand caressed the side of my face as his eyes flicked over the words in the book. I closed my eyes and smiled, savoring the sweetness of the moment. When I opened them again I saw that he was looking down at me instead of his book.

“Such an obedient little slut,” he said fondly. “Wearing nothing but your collar and being perfectly silent as I read.”

I smiled wider and turned slightly so he had a better view of my body. His gaze drifted and I saw him lick his lips slightly as he took in my figure. His smile was slightly wider when his eyes met mine again.

“Master?” I asked softly.

“Yes girl?”

“May I ask a question?”

“You just did,” he replied, and then as slight confusion then disappointment crossed my face he burst into laughter. “What is it you want to know girl?”

I felt myself blush slightly, suddenly afraid to ask, but his gaze demanded that I speak. I gathered my nerves and made sure to have the proper respect in my tone. “Why is it that you call me a slut?”

“Because you are one,” he answered simply.

I fought down a touch of fear at pushing boundaries without permission, but had to know. “But how do you know? I don’t feel like a slut.”

His eyes narrowed slightly, flicked across my naked body and met my gaze again. “Are you questioning my language?” he asked with a warning tone in his voice.

I shook my head gently. “No, Master, not at all, in fact you give me a little thrill when you refer to me that way. I just don’t feel like a slut.”

His eyes softened a little, and I saw a mischievous gleam. “Then tell me girl. What is a slut?”

I swallowed, and spoke softly. “A slut is a woman who will do anything to get a cock inside her, and she can’t get enough.”

I saw the mischievous gleam in his eyes grow and a smile pulled at the lips of my handsome Master. “To your knees girl,” he commanded. “Face the back of the couch.”

I silently rose and knelt on the couch, my bare breasts brushing the plush velour of the cushion.

“Spread your legs.”

I slowly pushed my legs apart until I felt that I could not get them any wider. A hand on my thigh informed me that it was far enough. I then heard a rustling, and a second later a silk strap was being tied to my left leg. My Master checked to make sure that it was secure then repeated the motion of tying my right leg. With both legs secured he moved around to the back of the couch.

“Wrists together, lean over.”

I brought my wrists as directed and moved until he was able to tightly bind them together. He smiled as he checked his handiwork, and then moved to a cupboard at one side of the room. He rummaged for a moment and then came back with several items in his hands.

“Open up.”

I saw what he was holding and opened my mouth wide for the gag.

Silenced and secured, I wondered what my Master had planned.

Master moved around me again, and I felt his fingers twist my left nipple harshly. The bud immediately hardened between his fingers. I moaned slightly into the gag, and then felt the cool of metal as he clamped the hardened flesh. He flicked my nipple with his fingertips and intertwined with my own moan I heard the slight jingle of a bell. He chuckled slightly, and then repeated the process on my right side.

I felt his weight leave the couch, and was wondering where he had gone when I felt his breath across my exposed pussy. I moaned again, and heard the bells jingle as I shivered. I felt his fingers on my clit, and then I shuddered as another clamp was placed there.

I wondered what was next as I heard his footsteps retreat. I then saw from the corner of my eye as he picked up his book and made his way to a chair on the other side of the room and directly in my line of sight. He sat down and resumed reading.

As I watched I could see a bulge in his pants form. I wondered what it was that he was reading, I also wondered if I would be on the receiving end of his… interest. I heard the bells jingle softly as the thought of him fucking me crossed my mind and caused me to shiver ever so slightly.

He raised his eyes, and I could see the mischievous glint in them as he smiled ever so slightly at me. He then returned to reading, but only a moment later his free hand drifted to his pants and gently massaged the growing bulge. I shivered again, thinking about his cock filling me and the tinkle of bells accompanied the movement.

Master raised the book slightly, and I watched as his hand unbuttoned his slacks and then drew down the zipper. He freed his cock and started stroking it slowly. Another shiver ran through me as I watched.

Master set the book on a side table , leaned back slightly in the chair and closed his eyes. His stroking became more deliberate. I could feel my pussy start to throb with need, wanting to feel him sliding it into me rather than using his hand for relief. I could hear the bells tinkle, and realized why he had put them on me.

His stroking increased, and so did my desire. I wriggled slightly, testing the bonds that held me to the couch. The bells rang loudly with the movement.

Master’s eyes opened and he smiled as he watched me wriggle on the couch. With every stroke of his hand on his hardened cock my own need increased. I envisioned him taking me while I was silenced and secured, ravaging me again and again. A shudder of need washed over me, and I could feel the juices filling my hole.

Master continued to stroke himself, and I was forced to watch as his body grew rigid. A moan escaped his lips and the sound mingled with that of the bells that were chiming incessantly. His cock throbbed and I watched as two spurts escaped and coated his hand.

His eyes opened again, and his satisfied gaze met my hungry one. I could see that his cock was still rigid and I knew that he had held back the majority of his orgasm. He looked at the cum on his hand, and my own gaze followed. I looked at is hungrily.

“You want this?” he asked seductively. The bells jingled as I nodded.

He walked over, careful to keep the cum on the side of his hand. With his clean hand he released the gag from my mouth. I licked my lips and he thrust the cum in front of me. I licked at his hand hungrily.

He moved around behind me, and I felt his cock pressing between the folds of flesh that protected my pussy, but he did not slip inside my wet hole.

“You’re awful wet you know,” he said as he teased me. “All of from just watching me pleasure myself?”

“Yes Master,” I whispered.

“Do you want my cock?”

“Yes Master.”

I felt sweet anticipation as I felt it tease at the entrance to my pussy, and then I cried out in shock as he moved and thrust it deep into my ass. He pounded hard into me over and over, making the bells ring continuously. I felt pleasure building within me, but just as I was about to come he pulled himself out.

My body shook with need, keeping the noise from the bells almost as constant as when he had been pounding my ass.

“Do you want more?”

“Yes Master,” I whispered.

“Say it.”

“Master, in your wisdom you saw something in me that I did not know about myself. I am a slut, I am your slut.”

“Good girl,” he mocked. “Now beg.”

“Please Master, please forgive your slut for questioning your wisdom.

Please grace your slut’s hole with your cock and let your slut know exactly what she is good for.”

Master did not say a word, instead he gave me his response by thrusting his cock deep into my pussy. I moaned with pleasure as he fucked me hard and fast. The bells jingled, and the noise mingled with my own moans of pleasure and his grunts.

“Show me what a good little slut you are,” Master demanded. “Cum for me.”

Master’s orders pushed me over the edge, and I screamed as my orgasm washed over me. As my pussy throbbed I could feel his cock throbbing as well, filling me with his cum. I moaned with delight as wave after wave of pleasure continued to assault me.

Finally I felt Master pull his cock from me. Silently he moved and released my legs from the bindings.

“Close your legs, slut. I don’t want cum on the couch.”

Master then made his way around me, and stood waiting with his cock in front of my face. I greedily licked, savoring the taste of his cum and my juices combined. When he was fully cleaned he released my hands, and placed two fingers under my chin. With a bit of pressure he raised my chin so that I looked into his eyes, and he smiled at me. Then one finger brushed my chin, and came away with a drop of the mingled juices that had not found its way into my mouth. I licked his finger clean.

Without a word Master walked to the table by the chair and picked up his book. He then came over and sat back down on the couch. He patted his lap, and I resumed my original position with my head on his leg. “Such an obedient little slut,” he said again.

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