Bar Scene Blues: Dance It Out! Book 0



Jackson may be new to Mesa Roja, but he’s not new to dancing and is looking for the perfect place to call a dance home.

New job, new city. It’s a lot of change, but first things first: find a new spot to dance. However a series of venues that leave a bitter taste in his mouth, Jackson is forced to resort to the bar and live music scene. That’s where he spots Mitch, but the older man seems intent on avoiding him and he can’t figure out why. The attraction seems to be mutual, so what’s holding him back?

Mitch can’t deny that Jackson is an incredibly handsome man who wuld be his perfect type… if only he were older. 

Jackson is everything that Mitch would want in a man, except he’s at least a decade too young, and Mitch isn’t into the power-play of age gaps. Been there, done that, have the emotional scars. He knows it’s best to stay away, so why can’t he?

Will Jackson and Mitch be able to overcome the barrier of age, or will they find new dance partners?


Bar Scene Blues is a 12.5K word, M/M romance, and is the prequel to the Dance It Out! Series.

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MM Romance


Dance It Out

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