Fool’s Kisses for the Omega: Mountain Springs Omegas Book 5



Daniel is just trying to make it through a single day without overbearing alphas trying to get into his pants, but is reminded that soon it’s going to get worse. His cousin’s wedding is upcoming, his family is baby-crazy, and he doesn’t even have an alpha.

The only thing worse than alphaholes assuming that lack of a bond-mark means Daniel’s open to their advances, is when his aunt starts introducing him to those same alphas and makes it very clear that he’s available. But there’s no way to avoid her during the wedding.

When his roommate, Trent, offers to come along and pretend to be his boyfriend he sees a way to avoid his meddling aunt’s tactics. There’s just one problem: he’s been in love with Trent for years.

Trent just wants to make his alpha-hating omega happy.

Trent loves living with his omega, even if he has to remind himself that it’s a hands-off situation. But the thought of Daniel’s aunt introducing the prickly man to other alphas brings out his protective side, and when she won’t take lack of an alpha as an answer, he invites himself to the wedding as a way to protect the man he loves.

They have a plan: pretend to be a couple long enough to get through the wedding. But will they really be able to keep their relationship fake when they start to realize what they’ve been missing?

Recipe for Romance

  • One Alpha-hating Omega
  • One Patient Alpha
  • Years of Mutual Pining
  • One Upcoming Wedding
  • One Meddling Aunt
  • One Fake Relationship
  • One Bed

Shake lightly to combine, serve immediately.


Fated Kisses for the Omega is a 12K word , non-shifter, M/M, Mpreg romance, featuring two obvlivious men, some knotty fun, and plenty of people seeing everything they don’t.

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MM MPREG Omegaverse Romance


Mountain Springs Omegas

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