Breedable Boys from Outer Space


They’re Here… For Dick!!!


Staff Sergeant Avery Carson is a simple man with simple goals—until he learns aliens have arrived on Earth.

Avery never had lofty dreams, and a stint in the Army seemed as good a way as any to both flee his small hometown and get a head start on his job as a mechanic. Eventually, he’d find himself a husband, and if they were lucky they’d be able to scrape together the money to adopt a kid or two.

If they were very lucky, considering the cost of adoption.

That changes when all the gay soldiers on his base are summoned to a special briefing in Washington, D.C. There he is presented with a unique opportunity. If he accepts, he’ll have the man and he’ll have the kids.

The catch? Well, there are several. One—the man is an alien from an all-male world, and Avery would be expected to breed him. Two—his fledgling family would have to be hidden from the public until humanity was ready to accept extraterrestrial life. Three—one of the side effects of contact with the aliens is increased sex drive.

Ok, maybe number three wouldn’t be so bad.

But is the payoff worth the price?

Breedable Boys from Outer Space is a 20k word, non-shifter, MM, mpreg romance

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MM Romance, MM Sci-Fi Romance, MPREG Romance