Omega’s Secret Baby: Harris Cove Billionaires Book 5



Theo’s found the perfect alpha, only problem is that he’s off-limits.

It’s hard finding a man worthy of mating, and Theo’s had his share of partners who have missed the mark. So it’s extra frustrating when the perfect alpha—Jordan—comes into his life, only to be one of the few people he considers off-limits. Why? Because he doesn’t want his best friend caught in the middle if things went wrong. It’s better to deny himself than force his friends into an awkward position.

Jordan’s ready to take the plunge, but can’t figure out why the omega he wants keeps playing hot-and-cold.

Jordan’s dreamed of Theo since they first met, but can’t get a handle on the gorgeous man. Does Theo hate him, or is he interested in more? Half the time he seems to be flirty, then suddenly annoyed. Luckily the perfect excuse to figure it out is coming up: their best friends’ wedding. Hopefully a few dances will let him figure out what Theo really wants.

It goes good, better than expected even. But why did Theo disappear the next morning, and why did he have to learn about the omega’s pregnancy on his own?

Omega’s Secret Baby is a 26K word , non-shifter, M/M, Mpreg romance

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MM MPREG Omegaverse Romance


Harris Cove Billionaires

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