Mistletoe Trio: Knotty Holidays Book 2



Jamie has an alpha problem—two, actually. The problem is that his alphas don’t act on their feelings toward him.

Jamie, Declan, and Austin have been a trio since they were children, and they could remain that way… if only the two alphas could admit their feelings for Jamie and make a move. Everybody else knows that they’re all attracted to each other, but no matter how hard Jamie flirts, he can’t seem to get his men.

It’s almost enough to make an omega drag his mates to the bedroom.

Austin and Declan love their omega, but neither wants to be the third wheel.

Austin and Declan both dread the day that the other most important person in their lives—Jamie—announces that he’s found a mate. They both want him, but what are the chances that he wants both of them in return? It’s better to stay silent than one find himself on the sidelines.

Still, they’ll enjoy every second with their omega, even if it means letting him decorate their apartment for Christmas—including a sprig of mistletoe.

Mistletoe Trio is a 13K word, non-shifter, MMM, mpreg, omegaverse romance

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MM MPREG Omegaverse Romance, MM Romance, MPREG Romance


Knotty Holidays

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