Lucky Dance Date: Holiday Surprise Book 4



Wes’s life may not be perfect, but he works hard to make it as good as he can.

Wes will never be his parents’ ideal son, and he knows it. Worse is that they retaliate against him when their attempts to mold him into what they want fail. Still, he carves out what happiness he can while trying to stay within the lines. He’s made himself a career as a dance instructor, and loves teaching kids. Unfortunately, it all threatens to come crashing down when the owner of the dance studio announces its closure. With no open spaces at other dance studios Wes decides to open his own, but he knows his parents will be vehemently against it.

José has never gotten over his high school boyfriend, but how can he ask forgiveness after failing him?

José has a good life. He’s a successful mortgage broker with plenty of friends and a loving family. But he has one major regret: not being able to protect his high school boyfriend, Wes, from his terrible parents. If he’d done things differently, maybe the omega would have had a different life. However, when he hears that Wes has a new dream on the line he vows to do what it takes to make the man he loves happy.

But will it be enough this time?

Lucky Dance Date is a 18K word , non-shifter, M/M, mpreg, omegaverse romance

Content note: Narcissistic and racist parents play a role in this book. Therefore it may not be suitable for readers sensitive to those topics.

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MM MPREG Omegaverse Romance


Holiday Surprise


Narcissism, Racism

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