Peppermint Kisses for the Omega: Mountain Springs Omegas Book 1



When Liam’s Christmas plans are upended he decides to take his mom’s advice and plan a friends’ getaway at the family cabin.

Liam’s loved his alpha best friend, Alex, ever since he presented as an omega, but he’d rather keep the other man in his life as a friend than scare him off as a lover. That doesn’t keep him from wanting to spend every possible second with him, so he invites the alpha to help plan the getaway at the cabin.

Alex has loved his best friend Liam for years, but kept his attraction to the beautiful omega to himself.

Alex would like nothing more than to claim and breed his best friend, but doesn’t want to risk losing the omega if the interest isn’t mutual. So he hides his feelings. But that doesn’t stop him from jumping at the opportunity to spend several days with the other man at the secluded mountain cabin.

Arriving several days ahead of the rest of the group, Liam and Alex set about readying the cabin for the holiday getaway, but a surprise heat in the middle of a snowstorm means they are forced to confront their emotions. Do they dare admit their mutual attraction, or do they attempt to fight their instincts?

Recipe for Romance

  • One Alpha
  • One Omega
  • 10 Years Mutual Pining
  • One Cabin
  • One Snowstorm
  • One Heat

Mix well, garnish with peppermint hot chocolate.

Peppermint Kisses for the Omega is an 11.5K word , non-shifter, M/M, Mpreg romance, featuring two obvlivious men, some knotty fun, and plenty of peppermint hot chocolate

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MM MPREG Omegaverse Romance


Mountain Springs Omegas

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