Candy Kisses for the Omega: Mountain Springs Omegas Book 3



Mason’s hated Valentine’s Day ever since his fiance broke off their engagement on that most romantic of holidays.

Ten years after his alpha ended their engagement, Mason still feels the hurt and does everything he can to not thing about his lost love or the holiday. But being Mountain Springs’ only chocolatier, he doesn’t have the luxury of hiding from the day like he’d prefer.

Devon just wants to protect his omega, even though he knows he hurt him.

Ending the engagement was the last thing Devon wanted to do, but he needed to protect his omega, and at the time he thought it was the only solution. Now there’s an arsonist running around Mountain Springs, and Mason’s shop is in the crosshairs. Devon realizes he’ll have to hurt his love again in order to protect him.

When both men are frced to confront the past in prder to prevent calamity, will their history get in the way, or is a little heat just what it takes to bring them back together?

Recipe for Romance

  • One Protective Alpha
  • One Emotionally Scarred Omega
  • 1 Failed Engagement
  • 1 Chocolate Shop
  • 1 Arsonist

Candy Kisses for the Omega is a 13K word , non-shifter, M/M, Mpreg romance, featuring two men afraid to confront their past, some knotty fun, and plenty of chocolate

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MM MPREG Omegaverse Romance


Mountain Springs Omegas

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