Amanda Thompson is concluding divorce proceedings with her soon-to-be ex-husband. After a day spent in arbitration she is eager to return home and relax, and possibly consider dating again. She’s worried about future romance, being nearly forty and petite, and wonders whether any man would want her. She requests a ride from her favorite ride-sharing app, and finds herself in the same car as a gorgeous younger man.

Daniel Keene enjoys meeting people and spending time in his car offering transportation through ride-shares. When a beautiful divorcee is his passenger he can’t help but look, and he wants to have her before another man gets a chance.

When Amanda tempts the younger driver she might end up with more than she bargained for. Daniel takes control and teaches her new tricks, and she learns that she has a few hidden kinks of her own.

Ride is a short story of approximately 5000 words.

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MF Romance/Erotica