Vampires’ Bride



Jasmine is content in her position as a baker, helping people to start their days with warm treats. She is on her way to work in the pre-dawn hours when she is accosted by two men in an alley. She finds herself unable to scream, and her struggles seeming to have no effect.She fights but is soon rendered unconscious.

She awakens in a dark, stone room, held captive by the men from the alley. She finds herself drawn to them even as she longs for escape, and can’t help but listen as the men tell her of a unique trait that she inherited, and the allure she holds for vampires. Even as she struggles to comprehend the position she finds herself in, she is thrown into further turmoil as her captors ask for her hand as their mate.

Can Jasmine escape the bonds of blood, or will she relinquish herself to the two men who seek to claim her as theirs?

Vampires’ Bride is a paranormal erotic romance of approximately 20,000 words.

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MF Romance/Erotica