Coffee Shop Cupid: Holiday Surprise Book 3



Tristan knows that no alpha will want him, so he needs to face the future on his own.

Alphas have expectations from their mates, and Tristan knows he will never meet two of the biggest ones. He can’t be bonded, as a previous bond has been severed, and he will never have children after losing his womb. But facing the future alone would be easier if the owner of the local coffee shop wasn’t the perfect alpha.

Chase wants nothing more than to protect the lonely omega in his coffee shop.

Chase’s dream has started to come true. He’s opened his own coffee shop, and it’s wildly popular. But his world flips upside down when a new omega named Tristan visits. All he wants to do is protect the other man, but Tristan keeps running. When he learns why, he has to face the question: are bond marks and babies really that important when every instinct he has tells him that Tristan is the man for him?

More importantly, can Chase convince Tristan that everbody deserves love?

Coffee Shop Cupid is a 20K word , non-shifter, M/M, omegaverse romance (no mpreg)

Content note: There are heavy themes of infertility and ‘spousal expectations’ in this book, as well as a panic attack. Therefore it may not be suitable for readers sensitive to those topics.

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MM MPREG Omegaverse Romance


Holiday Surprise


infertility, panic attack, pregnancy loss

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